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 Reach For The Light (Оригинальный Текст)

Deep in the night the winds blow cold,
And in a heartbeat, the fear takes hold.
Deep in the storm, there's a place that's soft and still,
Where the road waits to be taken, if you only will.
The voices inside you can lead you so astray,
Believe in what you dream,
Don't turn away, don't you turn away.

Reach for the light,
You might touch the sky.
Stand on a mountain top, and see yourself flying.
Reach for the light,
To capture a star,
Come out of the darkness and find out who you are.

Somewhere in time the truth shines through,
And the spirit knows what it has to do.
Somewhere in you there's a power with no name,
It can rise to meet the moment and burn like a flame.
And you can be stronger than any fear you know,
Hold onto what you you see don't let it go, don't you let it go.


There's no turning back.
Your destiny is calling.
Listen to the thunder roar,
And let your heart break free.

Oooh, Reach for the light!
---refrain x2---

Yeah! Yes reach for the light.

Композитор: James Horner
Лирика: Barry Mann & Cynthia Weil
Исполнитель: Steve Winwood

Balto: Wolf Quest 

Balto: Wolf Quest Taking You Home (Оригинальный Текст)

Somebody wants you, somebody needs you.
Someone is searching for your heart alone.
Someone is dreaming, waiting and watching.
Someone is coming to take you home

Time, it will fly like the sun through the sky.
And what once was hello turns to goodbye.

Tomorrow is here now, sings in your ear now.
Child of my heart, your life is your own.
Never you fear, now, your path is clear now.
Some one who loves you,
Some one who loves you is taking you home.

Who You Really Are (Оригинальный Текст)

You must go to the east, go to the west,
The road is rocky and the way is far.
It's a dangerous trail, a difficult quest,
If you want know who you really are.

There are voices all around you,
To comfort and to guide you.
Fathers and teachers,
Powerful creatures.
And the voice that sings inside you.

Or you can turn back around,
Run along home. Back to the place where your friends are.
Perhaps that is best, You need to rest.
Who wants to go on a ridiculous quest?

Unless you want to know,
You truly want to know, Unless you want to know.
Who you really are.
Who are you? Who are you?...

The Grand Design (Оригинальный Текст)

This world through which we wander,
Is wonderful and strange
The only truth we could really know,
Is that everthing will change.

Like the rain that fills the ocean,
Like the storm that shakes the pine.
We are all a part of the grand design.

This has been our home forever!
This is where the clan belongs.
We were born beside this river,
And we filled the nights with songs.

We must fight for what belongs to us,
What is yours and what is mine.
We are all masters of our own design.

The land no more belongs to us,
Than the eagle owns the sky.
We must fight for our survival,
If we don't we'll surely die

We are one with what surrounds us,
Brothers to all we see.
We are wolves,
We take what we need.
To stay alive and free.

The one thing we will surely learn,
As we walk the path of time.
No one can rise above.
We are wolves, the masters of!

We are all a part of the grand design.
Hey ya! Hey ya! Hey ya!
Hey ya! Hey ya! Hey ya!...

Balto: Wings of Change

 Everything Flies

The wind across the water
A cloud across the skies
The music in the echo
Of the eagle as she cries
The winter light at sunset
The full moon on the rise
Everything, everything flies

A deer across the meadow
A rabbit on the run
The young colt with a flashing tail
Leaping for the sun
A million crystal snowflakes
Dance before your eyes
Everything, everything flies

Time and stars and innocence
Childhood’s waking dream
The spark that leaves a dying fire
The trout that breaks the stream

A mother’s prayers to heaven
A young boy’s paper kite
The breeze that brings the morning
A comet through the night

Aurora borealis
As it sweeps across the skies
Everything, everything flies

The moment that we first appear something in us sees
We tell the world with arms unfurled
Give me sky, give me wings!


When we lift a heart with goodness or lend a helping hand
We share the load upon the road
Through despair and fragile lands
The things that keep us earthbound
Melt before our eyes
Everything, everything flies

Everything flies

Everything flies

Everything, everything flies

Everything flies

Everything flies…


You Don't Have To Be A Hero (Оригинальный Текст)

You don't have to be a hero, you just have to be there
He doesn't need to know you're perfect, he needs to know you care
And when the race is over, you've done all you can do
Be a father, not a hero, that's all he needs from you

You don't have to be a winner, if you give it your best
Believe in who you are, and then time can do the rest
Your heart is his example, brave, and strong and true
You don't have to be a hero, you just have to be you

Trust in your son, he's more than he seems
Like you, he can run
Like you he has dreams
"Whatever happens Balto, you'll always be his hero."

Have faith in yourself my love, have faith in him too
He will always have a hero
He will always have a hero
For he'll always, have you.

Come On Up And Fly (Stella's Song)

I've been around the pond a time or two
I've done my share of migrating
When I look at you, I enjoy the view
You set my little wishbone to palpitating
Come on down, boys!

I'm a goose
On the loose
On the prowl for a handsome fowl
You've got the style, got the form
Got the big strong wings to keep me warm
I know what I like
And I like what I see
How'd you like to do a little flying with me?

I ain't no quail
You ain't no chicken
You've got my heart doing more than ticking
I'd like to rest against your chest
We could build ourselves a sugar nest
Oh, can't you feel we've got some chemistry?
Don't you wanna try a little flying with me?

Beak to beak
Wing to wing
We could have ourselves quite a fling
Tail to tail, feather to feather
Don't you think we oughta flock together?

I'm the goose
With the juice
Mr. Gander, let's meander
On my own up here in Nome
I'm a chick who's oh-so-far from home
We could honk in harmony
Come on up and do a little flying with me

Where the air is rare
And the wind blows free
Come on up and do a little
Do a little
Come On up and do a little
Flying with me
Let's you and I get down and fly, flyboy

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